Participation in LTCP project since 2011-12 school-year with a high school member of the Baltic Sea Network.

Two delegates were chosen between the students to go at the Brussels Conference in 2012.
A partnership with Russian and Turkish schools is established since 2013.
Lithuania participated again in the European Conference in Brussels in 2015 with 4 delegates and 1 facilitator.

Participating school: 1

Participating regions: 1 (Vilnius)

Coordination : Vilniaus Zemynos High School

Contact: Ruta Krasauskiene and Asta Navickaitė - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In 2015 - 2016:

During the school year students did science researches, created posters and presented them at the National Students and Teachers Conference "Environmental Development”(2016-04-08)

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Our school students also take part in online contest "Smart Day 2016", which takes places for the first time in Lithuania.

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Students celebrate international "Earth Day"/ "Žemės Diena"  (March 20, 2016), they create a short video you can watch here


To learn more about the Twin school project with the Saint Petersburg school, click here

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In 2013-2014

A National Conference "LET's TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH" was organized in Zemynos secondary school in Vilnius, on March 21, 2014, on the theme Science and Environment.

185 students, teachers and guests from 5 Lithuanian schools attended the event:

1 Vilniaus Žemynos gymnasium

2 Vilniaus J. Paulius gymnasium

3 Vilniaus Žirmūnų gymnasium

4 Vilniaus S. Daukanto gymnasium

5 Vilniaus M. Biržiškos gymnasium

Productions: the young participants created posters.

Photos are available on the school website:

The young people performed a Flash mob during the national conference. You can watch the Videos here: 44