In Denmark the Let’s Take Care of the Planet project leaned on the Baltic-Sea Project, an international network among schools for a better environment in the Baltic catchment area. Denmark participated in the two European Conferences.

Participating schools : 13

Participating regions : 5

Coordination : Baltic Sea Project (within UNESCO-ASPnet)

Contact : Birgitte Bjørn Petersen (National coordinator for Baltic Sea Project within UNESCO-ASPnet) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Description of the Baltic Sea Project
The Baltic Sea Project (BSP) is an international network among schools for a better environment in the Baltic catchment area. The countries bordering on the Baltic share many environmental problems, one of which is the pollution of the Baltic Sea. These issues can only be solved by cooperation among those countries, which have different languages, cultures, habits, traditions and technical standards. In attempting to solve the environmental problems, education is one of the key factors. BSP has therefore initiated cooperation among schools in all the countries around the Baltic. Today, some 200 schools are active in the BSP. Most are secondary schools situated on the Baltic coast, but the number of inland schools from the entire catchment area is increasing. BSP Denmark has gained experience during the implementation of several European ESD projects, and through producing teachers’ guide about natural sciences, activities such as camps for students and teachers working on environment matters, training courses for teachers and setting up a school network for students and teachers.

Activities 2015 - 2016

This year, 2 of the 12 Baltic Sea Project schools participated in LTCP, bringing the number of directly involved youngsters to 60 and those indirectly involved to 2500.
Here are a few pictures of the completed activities.

2015 12 04 16.55.23

 2015 12 03 10.43.23

Participation of the LTCP delegation to the COY11 and COP21 in December 2015

 your europe your say 2016

Participation in "Your Europe, Your Say!" by the EESC in March 2016.


 mobilization day 2016

Eco week activities from April 1st to April 4th 2016 about sustainable/recycled clothes and fashion for all students at school


 P5131776 P5131780

The "Twin school" project about climate change organized between Danish and French schools both as a virtual as well as an actual exchange in May 2016 in Denmark


Activities 2013 - 2014

This year, one of the participating schools had a « twin exchange » with a French school. The students presented their school, their local project, creating powerpoint documents and videos.


Activities 2012 -2013 : Local projects and BSP activities

Several secondary schools developed local activities following the method of Let's Take care of the Planet. 


Activities 2011 - 2012

The Let’s take Care project in Denmark has been developed in 2011-2012 in 10 schools from 9 cities, involving directly 150 students at national level. These schools are part of the Baltic Sea Project schools network.


After the European Conference of May 2012: The youth presented and diffused the results 

The delegates with their facilitator and teacher, gave the open letter the 13th of June to the mayor of Roskilde, Joy Mogensen.

Activities during the year

  • May 2012: Participation of a Danish delegation to the European Conference

  • March 2012: National Conference (Internet session) between the schools:

Find here the last newsletter of the Baltic Sea Project with information about the Danish project and have a look on these impressions from the environmental day during of March 14th focusing on sustainability at school.

  • January-February 2012: local activities in schools

  • September 2011: The Baltic Sea Camp

More than 100 teachers and students from the BSP-school network - Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvija, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark have participated in a camp in Denmark, September 2011. Different workshops and activities allowed exchanges and reflection on the possibilities in finding solutions. Two workshops were organized on the Youth Responsibilities and Commitments, by a member of the Youth Care Planet project team. The youth wrote an open letter to the Political decision makers. The Youth Care Planet project was presented to the teachers, with discussions on contents, pedagogical and practical elements.

  • June-sep 2011: Diffusion of the project in Danish schools (AspNet and BSP networks)