Participation in LTCP since 2009, via Young Reporters for the Environment.

Participation in the International Conference in Brazil (2010): 7 delegates, 1 facilitator
Participation in the 1st European Conference in Brussels (2012): 7 delegates, 1 facilitator
Participation in the 2nd European Conference in Brussels (2015): 9 delegates, 1 facilitator

Participating schools: 60

Participating regions: 4

Coordination: Foundation for Environmental Education, TURÇEV

Contact persons: Çelik Tarimci, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web Site: www.turcev.org.tr

sustainable life project

Economic development and growth are both crucial to governments. However, in order to achieve these goals, governments make choices that have undeniably negative impacts on the environment. This shift in the natural balance leads to consequences such as unemployment and poverty ; for instance, villages are left underdeveloped. Young people living in villages are hence forced to migrate to cities where there are more opportunities. This forced migration creates a loss of dynamism in villages. The aforementioned issues are well reflected in the village of Alpagut.

As an attempt to improve living conditions in Alpagut, teachers and students of 9 high schools have visited this village many times since 2013. We met the reeve of Alpagut in order to discuss several possible solutions to the problems this community is facing on a daily basis.

As a solution, we built a permaculture garden and started practicing permaculture to help develop the village. We are aiming to promote a sustainable development of the village and thus to reverse migration.



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