Participation in LTCP since 2009. The European LTCP project is coordinated by ‘Monde Pluriel’, a French NGO.
3 national conferences were organized since 2009.

Participation in the International Conference (2010) in Brasilia : 10 delegates and 1 facilitator.

Participation in the 1st European Conference (2012) in Brussels : 9 delegates and 2 facilitators.

Participation in the 2nd European Conference (2015) in Brussels: 12 delegates and 1 facilitator

Participating schools : 10

Participating regions : 3 (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Ile de France, Guyane Française)

Coordination : Monde Pluriel

Contact : Delphine Astier -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Activities 2018 - 2019

« Let’s Take Care of the Planet » Regional Youth Conference - April 12th, 2019

Conf Reg 2019
On April 12th, 2019, Monde Pluriel organized the 7th edition of the Regional Youth Conference “Let’s Take Care of the Planet”. 61 secondary-school pupils – representing 6 schools which are participating to the project for the year 2018-2019 – met in Grenoble, France, to present to other students the projects they have locally implemented in their school. These projects address issues related to sustainable food choices, saving energy, reducing the waste and waste sorting, solidarity and reuse and reducing water consumption.
Six French delegates who participated to the 3rd LTCP European Youth Conference - Perrine, Paul, Zélie, Charlotte, Anna and Julie – kicked off the day by sharing their experience of European delegates and their current commitment to act in their school and in their city.
A former delegate who participated to the International Youth Conference LTCP in Brasilia in 2010 presented the beginning of the project.
In a festive and creative atmosphere, delegates then delivered a presentation of the projects they are implementing in their school by a skit on a conflict between a carrot and a beef, the screening of videos dealing whith sustainable food choicies, an interactive quiz about ecology and even a play !
A departmental senator and a local councilor ended the plenary with congratulation on the young’s commitment and their will to act for preserving planet Earth.
After these amusingly and original performances, it was time for the first workshop. The students were separated in small groups for a rotating presentation about the actions being carried out in the different schools. This discussion time gave delegates an opportunity to enhance their projects and having new ideas.
The meal consisted of local, organic and vegetarian food served by a caterer. And Bingo! Students went towards other to answer a little questionnaire composed of questions about each delegation.
The programme of the afternoon was intense too: the delegates participated to one of the four workshops concurrently organized:
                - « Dare seeking advices from outside partners »  
                - « Add value to your project and mobilize in your school”
                - « Be striking and convince your interlocutor »
                - « Communicate in an attractive way! »
The aims of these 2hours workshops were to identify obstacles to the implementation of their projects and create together communication and valuation tools.
In each workshop, three “experts” in the workshop’s subject have shared their experience:
- a teacher
- a former delegate who participated to the 3rd LTCP European Youth Conference
- an external speaker (a local councilor ; a chief education adviser ; a climate sociologist and IPPC Member (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) ; an association specialized in media education).
Finally, to conclude this interesting and enriching day, the young delegates presented their work to other participants, during the closing ceremony.
The Regional Youth Conference is not the end of students’ projects but a stage before keeping on promoting them in their school and outside.The young delegates left Grenoble happy and motivated and eager to share their learning with their family, friends and classmates!
An exhibition of the « Let’s Take Care of the Planet » project at the Maison des Associations in Grenoble, France
From February 18th to March, 8th 2019, « Let’s Take Care of the Planet » project was exhibited at the Maison des Associations in Grenoble (a municipal department). By posters on walls in the hall of the building, associations from Grenoble and general public could find out about the project and more specifically, the 3rd European Youth Conference LTCP.

In Die, France, secondary-school pupils presented the « Let’s Take Care of the Planet » project to the French Minister of National Education! January 2019 

ministre DieOn January 16 th , 2019, middle-school pupils in Die, France, were pleased to meet the French Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. They talked to him about their project to put composting toilets in their school. Indeed, Antoine Durez, history and geography teacher, has been striving to put composting toilets in the school in Die for over a year, with the help of his class. This project is supported by Monde Pluriel within the framework of LTCP project.

The pupils also have given the letter of commitments “Let’s be the change!” from Young European Citizens and the “Education for environmental citizenship statement” from European teachers to the French Minister. The school in Die adopts an environmentally responsible approach and implements various interdisciplinary projects linked with education for sustainable development: meetings with experts in environmental issues, school trips, intercultural exchanges with pupils from other countries on subjects linked with environment, projects on topics such as renewable energies, water consumption, sustainable food…

In the secondary school, Laurence Arnaud, history and geography teacher and education for sustainable development local point of contact, works on the theme of sustainable food choices with her class. Within this framework, the pupils will organize a debate with local councilors, professional or researchers. Congratulations and thanks to the pupils and their teachers for their commitment!

French delegates share their experience in the 3rd LTCP European Youth Conference and dialogue with local decision makers in Grenoble - December 5th 2018
On December 5th 2018, 5 French delegates share their experience after participating in the 3rd LTCP European Youth Conference, in Grenoble. They had a dialogue with local councilors about environmental issues.
People who attended the event – delegates’ families, teachers, local councilors – discovered “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” project thanks to the screening of the films from last 3rd European Youth Conference. Delegates performed their sketch dealing with French stereotypes they crafted for “Cultural evening” during the European Conference.
The reading by the delegates of the Letter of Commitments “Let’s be the change!” introduced the dialogue with the four present local councilors:
Delegates highlighted their commitment and their will to act for preserving planet Earth. They questioned local councilors about the environmental policies locally implemented. Ecodistricts and green roofs are part of projects implemented in Grenoble in order to improve air quality.
The delegates also questioned local councilors about links between local and global policies. They talk about COP 24 UN Climate Change Conference, which takes place in Katowice (Poland) from 2-14December 2018.
The delegates and the local councilors also discussed about actions that the youth implement in their schools as part of “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” project.
For instance, they explained that they have difficulties rally other pupils of the school. To address that, many answers have been mentioned: involving the whole of the pupils of the school in the project; adopting an approach which is in agreement with other pupils’ state of mind by avoiding being guilt-inducing about their behavior; showing that actions which can seem impossible at first glance are in fact within everybody’s grasp.

Activities 2017 - 2018

Read the article about the LTCP Regional Youth Conference (March 2018): (in French)
On September 26th, the LTCP dynamic was officially launched in Rhône-Alpes region gathering 6 high schools and 2 middle schools implementing with their students new sustainable development projects on a variety of topics : water and sanitation, energy transition, responsible consumption, sustainable food.
In France, 2 other schools are also participating:
-in Ile-de-Franceregion with a project on air quality
-in French Guiana with a project on water preservation

Activities 2015 - 2016

Twin School between the Lycée André Boulloche (Livry-Gargan - near Paris) and Roskilde Gymnasium

Read here the daily report written by the French students (in French):!la-cop21-vue-de-paris-et-de-copenhague/qu2rn


The Agenda of Solutions (Rhône-Alpes)

The results of the project “Take Care of the Planet” 2015/2016, the Agenda of Solutions was produced and released in June 2016 with contributions from different participating schools.

visuel couv

 This document presents the proposals made by young people for their region in connection with climate change, gives visibility to their ideas and actions locally, and allows them toform a network and share their collective output.

Each class which participatedin the “Take Care of the Planet” 2015/2016 project was able to develop one or more proposals as a result of a whole process of investigation and research on a specific topic, and spend time for discussion and debate in order to generate ideas.

Local projects and solutions developed by young people are very different from one institution to another (eg: proposals to elected officials, to communities, to policy makers. Proposals that young people can implement themselves for the establishment or region in the short or long term, etc.).




Climate Negotiation Simulations in Rhône-Alpes

The students of Armorin put themselves into the place of decision makers, to renegotiatefor climate change: the mini-COP21 of Crest at Biovallée.

2016 05 03 MiniCOP21Crest 5The Armorin High School in Crest, which participated in the project “Take Care of the Planet”, organized on the 3rd of May, 2016 a simulation of COP21.
Monde Pluriel accompanied the teachers in preparing this event but also during the day it took part. Let’s look back on that experience.

Leading up to the 3rd of May, a class of 11th year and two classes of 12th year students prepared themselves to simulate the international negotiations under the leadership of Laurence Arnaud, teacher of History and Geography and referent of “Take Care of the Planet” in their establishment. She was helped by three other teachers.

From January to May, the 11th year students worked on the impacts of climate change on agriculture. To be consistent with the research and work carried out through the year, the simulation was focused on the issue of agriculture and food security under climate stress.

The students were interested in the position and characteristics of states to best prepare their role as state representatives during the simulation. Here is the list of countries that were represented by the 11th year students: Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, USA, France, India, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Netherlands, Philippines , Portugal, Qatar, Congo, Senegal and Russia.


2016 05 03 MiniCOP21Crest 7The 12th year students, for their part, took the role of lobbyists, including Syngenta, Total, Monsanto, FNSEA and Petrobras, as well as the NGO WWF and the World Bank. Two of them also simulated the Presidency of this "mini-COP 21".

Jules Constant-Auclair, the Rhône-Alpes delegate at the Regional Conference “Take Care of the Planet" 2015, member of the delegation “Take Care of the Planet” Europe, who made a speech at the Education Thematic Day at COP21, is now in 11th grade in Crest. He participated in the simulation as a journalist and representative of the press with two of his comrades.

He wrote: "From the outset, the states position themselves. The poorest countries most affected by climate change advocate for an ambitious agreement, just like France which, as the host country, must strive for high objectives."



Activities 2014 - 2015

 Please have a look at : (in French)


Activities 2013 - 2014

 Please have a look at : (in French)


Activities 2012 – 2013

School projects and experimentation in dialogues youth-elected representatives

The French Commission of coordination has proposed to all the schools that participated the former year to have local activities. A guide with methodological elements was sent to them. The team has accompanied closely three schools (one secondary and two high schools) in their local activities, especially on the aspect ‘dialogue with the elected representatives'.

A class group on “Water” met Eric Grasset, elected representative at Grenoble City Council

On March 26, 2013, Eric Grasset, local councillor in Grenoble, member of the energy and environment bureau,