The project Let's Take Care of the Planet Europe exists thanks to the moral and financial support of many partners. Besides the ones presented herein , each participating country has its own national partners.

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  Under the High patronage of the Ministry of National Education


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COP21 - certified for the European LTCP process


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Under the patronage of the French National Commission for UNESCO


fphThe Charles Léopold Mayer for Human Progress Foundation (FPH) is a suiss law foundation, that aims contributing to the creation of a worldwide community and intervene in the field of gouvernance, ethics and sustainable life styles. The Foundation already supported the organisation of the International Youth Conference Let's Take Care of the Planet in 2010. The Foundation supported the organisation of the "Let's Take Care of The Planet" International Youth Conference in 2010 and supports the European process.


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There Is Alternative (TIA) is an association which objective if to promote the the local, regional and European citizenship engaged towards the building of sustainable societies. It is a partner of Monde Pluriel, coordinating the Let's Take Care of the Planet project at regional level in Provence-Alpes-Côte-D'Azur and has been coordinating with Monde Pluriel the Let's Take Care of the Planet project at the European level until 2016.





"Youth in Action" Programm

The "Youth in Action" is a programme of informal education proposed by the European Union. The European Union develops through this programme an European citizenship, encouraging the youngsters to a democratic life, to act for peace, solidarity, and cultural diversity and favouring the acquisition of new competences. The first European Youth Conference Let's Take Care of the Planet in 2012 was supported by the programme "Youth in Action". 


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Committee of the Regions

The Committee of the Regions is a consultative institution representing local and regional authorities in the European Union. Its role is to make the points of view of local and regional European legislation. The Committee of the Regions writes reports for this purpose ("Notice") on the Commission's proposals. The Committee of the Regions welcomed in its premises the first European Youth Conference "Let's Take Care of the Planet" in 2012 and in 2015, and supports the entire process.

CESE angThe European Economic and Social Commitee

The European Economic and Social Commitee (EESC) is a consultative body of the European Union.
Committed to European integration, the EESC contributes to strengthening the democratic legitimacy and effectiveness of the European Union by enabling civil society organisations from the Member States to express their views at European level.
The EESC welcomed the 2nd LTCP European Youth Conference in its headquarters in May 2015

rhone-alpesThe Rhône-Alpes Region

Rhône-Alpes Region is a very dynamic region, which represents one-tenth of France in economic, demographic and area. High schools and learning are among the major powers of the region and it is within this framework that develops actions in the field of education for sustainable development (Eco-responsibles High Schools, Energy Agencies in schools etc..). The Rhône-Alpes Region supports the association Monde Pluriel since 2010.


Logo FH original JPGThe Hippocrene Foundation

The Hippocrene Foundation is a state-approved independent family foundation whose main purpose is "to Live Europe" by developing stronger connections between young Europeans.
The Foundation supported the organization of the 2nd LTCP European Youth Conference in Brussels in May 2015.




Many thanks to our translators: Antony Burton, Pauline Vulliod, Anne Verrier Cruz, Mariella Foscheri and Tradadev