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In 2017-2018


Sicilian Pupils Engage with a Charter of Responsibility to Take Care of the Planet

IMG 20170327 WA0004About 500 pupils from 10 Sicilian middle and high schools undertook this year an environmental education program promoted by Enel Green Power, the Association Viração & Jangada and the CNR of Bologna, which led to the drafting of their Charter of Responsibilities.

To reactivate the solar panels of the school, to collect used cell phones and batteries, to promote energy saving campaigns in the school, to improve waste separate collection. These are just some of the concrete actions 500 pupils from 10 Sicilian middle and high schools are committed to within the framework of the European project Let's Take Care of the Planet.

"Promoted by Viração & Jangada with the support of the Cooperative Il Borghetto di Tutti of Catania and the CNR in Bologna, Monde Pluriel and financed by Enel Green Power, the project consists of several steps from the classroom lesson to the European Conference to be held in Lisbon in 2018 " as the journalist Paulo Lima, Coordinator of the project in Italy, explains. "This is an active citizenship path, where environmental education is put into practice through the analysis of the ecological impacts of their schools. This path sees the boys on the front line supported by teachers and parents."

From March 20th to 23rd, the pupils organized meetings in their schools to present and share what they have learned during the training by means of edu-communicative posters, and to discuss about possible concrete actions to be put in place in order to reduce their ecological impacts, and those of their schools, on the local territory. Then, on March 24th, at Borghetto Europa, thirty representatives of Sicilian school gathered together to share their previous experience and draw up the so-called Charter of Responsibility, a policy document that will be delivered to the mayors of the municipalities involved in the project as well as to environmental councilors and headmasters.

The Charter brings together responsibilities and actions of middle and high schools of various addresses: "We are all aware of the environmental challenges our planet is facing - the pupils write in the document - We know theIMG 20170327 WA0005 potential our region, which is also our home, offers to us: sun, wind, rivers and biomass, all of them only partially used." The pupils will then commit themselves to "enhance our natural resources, take care of our Home, already partially damaged over time, and value it. Picked up our responsibility and personally take action are the first steps of a long journey that aims to take care of our planet and our future."

On the next 22nd April, on the occasion of World Earth Day, the pupils will promote various activities to raise awareness on environmental issues in their territory.

The international project "Let's Take Care of the Planet" was launched in 2008 at the initiative of the Brazilian Ministry of Education, which organized in June 2010 the 1st International Youth Conference on the Environment after a national phase lasting five years. It was attended by 550 young people aged between 12 and 15 years, delegates from 47 different countries. In Italy the initiative has been developed since 2009.

In 2012-2013

Activities continued this year at local level. Local conferences were organized according to the dynamics of each school.

Activities 2011-2012

Italy was again involved in the « Let’s Take care of the Planet” project this year, coordinated by both the National Research Center and Legambiente NGO. 3 regions were involved (Veneto, Trento, Roma), with the participation of 9 schools. The activities in the schools were focused on both awareness raising and creation of means of communication and dissemination.
A Youth National Conference was hold in Rome on April 19th at the Legambiente headquarters.

On April 20th, the delegates were hosted by one of the Italian Parliament chamber (the Senate). There, they presented to the politicians both the Legambiente Decalogue on sustainability and the Italian Charter of Responsibility.

Activities 2009-2010

from the schools to Brasilia International Youth Conference

  • 18 schools were involved in the project, with the participation of 6 regions.
  • 10 delegates participated in the International Conference in Brasilia.

Percorsi di pace ONLUS NGO was an official partner of the project, next to the National Research Council.

The project obtained the patronage of the CNR, a public organization whose duty is to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of Italy, of the "Istituto degli Innocenti" (Institute of the Innocents), in Florence, which has been working for nearly six centuries on behalf of family and children; of UNICEF (YOUNICEF), ViraÇao ONLUS, MED (The Italian Association for Media and Communication Education) and EnergoClub ONLUS.

  • March 2010: Local conferences: the youth prepared their participation in the national meeting
  • April, 9, 2010: national conference on skype: the youth debated environmental issues within the subjects “Earth, Air, Water and Energy”, they wrote a National Charter of Responsibilities and elected the delegates who represented Italy at the Children and Youth International Conference “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” to be held in June 2010 in Brazil.

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