Activities in Georgia

Activities 2018-2019

IMG 4314French Embassy in Georgia supported Momvali France NGO with a funding to build a greenhouse located near the cultural centre of Islari (Kharagauli area where most schools participate to LTCP project).

The project is now materialized thanks to the implication of the Mayor and the inhabitants of the village. Children already planted some seeds. Near 500 children will be able to benefit from this project in the framework of open lessons prepared by a biology teacher. The aim is to restore threatened vegetables crops and encourage participation of youngsters, in particular disabled people.

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Activities 2017-2018

37676880 2160856074161554 2514674536872411136 oOn July 24th, 2018, the mayor of Kharagauli municipality met with Tsisana Chipashvili, coordinator of the “Let’s Take Care of The Planet” project in Georgia and the youngsters who participated in a summer camp in Islari.

In partnership with French embassy and Momvali-France Association, Tsisana organized an ecological camp in Islari. During 6 days, children from Kharagauli participated to different ecological activities, workshops and collective games.

The youngsters interviewed the population of their municipality and identified environmental issues, the most important being the contamination of Djikhvela river caused by the lack of a pipeline system. In order to tackle this issue, the participants thought about raising awareness among the population with the local government participation.

The youngsters addressed a request to the mayor and presented the letter of commitments “Let’s be the change” written by the delegates during the European Youth Conference in Portugal last May.

The mayor thanked the participants and underlined that he was very happy to see the youth thinking about nature and ecology and promised to support them in their activities.

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On the posters:

Developing a healthy habit

Let’s take care of the environment

Healthy nature is good health

River is not a pipeline system

Don’t throw trash

Do not contaminate the river

Activities 2015- 2016


In several schools a game called "What, where, when" has been played. The rule is simple, all students are given the topic of the game in advance, for example, "climate change" and they learn as much as possible on this topic. Then, groups of students are competing aginst each other on questions concerning this topic. The group which answered the most questions wins.


In two schools, trees were planted in the neighborhood.

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At the end of July a two day conference has been organized at the cultural centre in Tsodniskari (Khakheti-Region). 35 youngsters from 11 schools participated in activities on the topic: Biodiversity and natural resources.
The youngsters wrote a text and advices how to use carefully natural resources, printed fliers and handed them out to the inhabitants of Tsodniskari. They also displayed them on electric poles and trees.

equipe de colleurs  Tsodniskari

Mid-August, another two-days conference took place at the cultural centre in Islari (Kharagauli - Region) during which 30 youngsters from 15 schools participated on the topic "Consumption and Production".


atelier islari  Islari 2


Activities 2014- 2015

In July 2015, together with the association Momavali-France, 3 days of activities in two Georgian regions were organized. In the Khakheti –Region (Tsodniskari) 28 youngsters from 9 schools participated and in the Kharagauli District 30 youngsters from 12 schools had, for exmontage georgie 160105ample, the opportunity to meet with a mayor.

Different ecological workshops were organized as well as a field visit in a national natural reserve and a meeting with journalists.
The Georgian Delegates from the European Conference 2015 were able to share their experiences and knowledge and show photos!

For 2016, LTCP in Georgia will concentrate on the multiple possibilities to valorise the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Parc and organise the LTCP conference around this topic. In spring, the schools will start exciting ecological activities!

Activities 2012-2013

This school-year, 12 schools have participated in the 'Let's Take Care of the Planet' project. During the year were organized actions at the level of the schools and the cities, with local conferences, workshops, educational games, exhibitions,...
The activities were carried out in partnership with the local authorities of the participating cities, the ‘GYO’ NGO (Georgian Youth Organization) and the regional departments of Education. A meeting was held in January 2013 with the Ministry of ecology, the national coordinator and facilitators to present the continuity of the Let's Take Care of the Planet project.

Activities 2011-2012

From the local to the European level

Sept-Dec 2011: Activities launched in the schools; partnership with local authorities; diffusion of method and pedagogy.

In December, a local lobbying action is launched to approach polluting plants: young scouts get mobilized.

January 2012: Information meeting and local conferences

On January 13, an information meeting was held at Tbilisi State University. Guests (teachers and schoolchildren from two new regions in the project) listened to others describing the activities in their schools and the methods.

The International Charter of Brasilia was presented and distributed, as well as a painting made by Georgian students starting from the work of the schoolchildren. After the discussions, the schools from the 2 regions decided to participate in the project.

February 2012: Project 'a young person trains another young person' –
After participating in a 3-day training with the ‘Greens of Georgia', six voluntary students from the State University Ivane Javakhishvili went in 3 schools in Kharagauli to train young pupils from 8 to 13 years. It was a very interesting work of intergenerational transmission: the relationship between the students and the children quickly became very warm. The youngest showed great enthusiasm and creativity, providing various useful activities. Even the less involved children in the classes played the game and actively participated (see Nino Kharatishvili words, one of the young students).
It was a very good experience not only from the point of view of awareness-raising on environmental issues but also for the general motivation, both for the children and the young students.
[Article from the words of Dali Loursmanashvili, Director of the public school N°3]

February 25, 2012: national conference in Tbilissi and election of the delegates for the European Conference

After local and regional conferences, a national conference was organized at the University of Tbilisi, on February 25, 2012. Young people from all regions were represented, even the most remote areas in the mountain! The conference lasted all day: young people presented their local activities, with posters, powerpoint documents.

A selection Committee listened carefully to the youth, then deliberated to select delegates to the European Conference. A member of the European coordination team from Monde Pluriel NGO team participated as an observer. Several workshops were held, including the collective creation of posters by young people, in a workshop facilitated by university students specialized in art.

14 May-16, 2012: Participation in the European Conference in Brussels

7 Georgian delegates and 1 facilitator participated in the European conference and when back home, they played their role of delegate by presenting the results and activities to their comrades. Information on the local and European events were disseminated in the local and regional press.

June-July 2012: Evaluation of the process and results. Follow-up of the network of youth delegates and the activities implemented locally.


Activities in 2010-2011

After Brasilia International Conference, continuity of the local activities

About 20 groups of young people continued activities in the schools and communities in 2 regions ((Khragauli and Adjara Autonomous Republic).

The coordination team translated into Georgian the International Charter drafted in Brazil and diffused it in schools.

Delegates created groups of initiatives in their schools and organized various activities: discussions about the principles of the Charter, about the international conference, organization of a clean-up, etc.)

The coordination team organized 8 seminars with workshops as well as an exhibition. After each meeting, the young people planted trees or cleaned the surroundings of their school.

We also organised a flea: the young people sold objects they did not need anymore (books, magazines, photos, drawings, bags). With the money raised, the project was to manufacture signs to put next to the river. The money was not enough, so the children then approached big companies to raise enough money.

With representatives of WECF (Women in Europe for a common future), the coordinators participated in the project "Safe Water and Sustainable Sanitation for All" and introduced the LTCP Georgia project.

A call for projects was launched in schools and universities on the creation of stories, tales, poetry etc. on ecology, responsibility, climate change... The best works were chosen in the schools by the teachers and sent to the coordination team, for a publication.

We have created educational and methodological materials on the basis of the methodological tools provided by LTCP European coordination team.

Topics: Climate change and responsibility; human responsibility in the context of sustainable development; culture and responsibility; healthy food for all; art and responsibility; management of waste; water - our right and our responsibility.


Activities in 2009-2010

From the local to the International Conference of Brasilia

In 2009-2010, workshops and seminars were held in 55 schools (900-950 young people), in six regions of Georgia, one of them (Akhalkhaki) being mostly inhabited by Armenians and another (Marneuli) by Azeris. 102 people, including 80 young delegates, attended the national 'Let's Take Care of Georgia' Conference in 2010, where was drafted the Charter 'Let's Take Care of Georgia". The delegates for the international conference in Brazil were selected by their peers during the national conference.

3 delegates and 1 facilitator participated to the International Conference in Brazil, a fantastic experience that was then related to all the comrades once back. The international Charter written by the youth in Brazil was widely diffused and used.

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