Activities in Greece

In 2011-2012

Greece renewed its participation in the European project Let’s take Care of the Planet Project, with 3 involved regions: Central Macedonia, Epirus and the region of Sterea Ellada; and 4 cities: Lamia, Ioannina, Thessaloniki and Legadas. 15 youth groups (about 250 youth in total) participated to the activities.

Polis NGO was still the national coordinator, with this year a collaboration with the University of Thessalonique that contributed to the facilitators participation (young people aged 18 to 30).

Activities 2009-2010

From local activities to the International Youth Conference in Brasilia, June 2010

4 regions of Greece participated in the process of the International Conference: region of Athens, of Peloponèse in the south, of Sterea Ellada in the center, and of Macedonia in the north. There didn't be a Greek delegation at the Conference in Brazil, because of the year end school exams that take place from June 1st to 15th every year. Nevertheless, these schools participated with enthusiasm in this international project that offered them an international perspective of exchanges.


During the school year 2009-2010 the environmental education programs were about a multiplicity of subjects: waste management, forest, urban environment, energy and climate changes. Beyond the investigation and analysis on each topic, starting from their local environment, the pupils explored the interrelations and implications within the global issue of the climate changes.


The responsibilities and the possible concrete actions that the pupils identified were about actions in their schools, families and social environments (recycling, use of energy-efficient products, of organic products, etc.), but also about a militant socially responsible action.
Indeed, the pupils of all involved schools underlined the importance of a militant action with regard to the local elected officials, the local authorities and the public services responsible for the protection of environment.
Another important component of the local and national Charters concerns an educational mission that the children committed themselves to fulfill with regard to their families, other children, and their social environment, in order to inform, raise awareness and to incite to action in view of protecting the environment.
Several references to their adult's future life show their wish to behave as fully responsible adult citizens: project to become educators to raise children’s awareness, public agents to enforce the laws, but also environment-friendly industrials.
Finally, in some texts, interesting references are mentioned on the need to identify our real needs, in regards to consumerism, in opposition to a simple change of direction toward an "organic consumption".
As an example, you can read, on the Greek Confint Website, the Charter (in English) of the high school of Kalamaria, Macedonia.

Educational material produced by the schools

The schools produced material of several types and on several mediums: they gathered photos of their actions, prepared presentations on computer (powerpoint) illustrated with songs they wrote and sang, they made an electronic puzzle and even a 15 minutes video based on a script written by the children, and played by themselves.

The national coordination team created its own internet space in Greek.

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