The concept of Responsibility is the heart of the Let’s Take Care of the Planet Project: according to the Charter of Human Responsabilities, « every citizen is responsible within the limits of his access to information and his power ». We consider that the young people have their own full-time role to play in the society today and now. To accomplish this goal, the project applies equally the principles of participative democracy and offers an apprenticeship through intercultural dialogue.

The project PSP, according to the methodology set by the Brazilians, stands on 3 pillars:

  • « A youngster elects a youngster »

The delegates, aged 11 to 18, are chosen by their pairs to represent their fellows at the Conferences.

  • « A youngster educates a youngster »

 These are young people between 18 to 30 years old, the facilitators, who animate the delegate workshops during the conferences

  • « A generation learns with another »

 The transmission of knowledge is not solely downwards, from the adult to the youngster, but also horizontal and upwards.

The stages of the project: a bottom-up process

  • Thematic quests and enquires
  • Debates (with the scientists, local authorities …) about the thematics of the project and the engagement of the youngsters
  • Definition and implementation of local actions
  • Creation of artistic productions, following the principle of educommunication
  • Drafting of documents resulting from the engagement of the youngsters
  • Election of delegates by the youngsters
  • Preparation and participation in local, regional, national and international conferences