Participation in the project since the school year 2011-12, with 2 schools.

Participating schools : 2

Participating regions: 1

Coordination: St Margaret girls' school (Capiscua)

Contact: Brian Chircop(Head of Department and teacher on social studies)


En 2012-2013

Participation of St Margaret girls' school, from Capiscua: a very dynamic Eco-school, also participating to the Young Reporters for Environment network.

En 2011-2012

St Thomas More College Girls' Secondary School participated (Santa Lucia). They organized a local conference.

  • Number of youth directly involved in the project: 25
  • Number of youth indirectly involved: 950
  • Project coordinated by Maria Mc Namara (School headmaster)

The project has been developed with the Eko-skola team, a group of students and teachers who work on how to preserve our environment through awareness and education. In November 2012, our school received the Green Flag for the work it carried out with both students and parents, which was mainly building a culture of recycling and separating of waste amongst others.