Activities in Czech Republic


Activities 2012 - 2014

Partners Czech NGO could not coordinate the project for financial reasons. We hope fundraising will allow schools from this country to participate to the 2014-2015 process and the European Conference.

Activities 2011 - 2012

2 participating schools. On March 27 and 28, 2012, Arabska and Nad Aleji schools (Prague) organized one-day local conferences on the theme ‘Consumption’ (Reflection on personal consumption and its connection to whole school and territory).

Conferences activities : Counting personal ecological footprint; lecture about biocapacity; debate on on personal consumption and its connection to whole school and territory; Research of the whole school consumption (work in groups); identification of the most significant negative environmental aspects (topic areas: energy, water, waste management, food, school equipment, transport, information about environment); Work on action proposals for their solutions; Selection of delegates to the European conference in Brussels.

4 delegates and 1 facilitator participated in the European Conference in Brussels (May 2012).

Activities 2009 - 2010

4 schools participated in the project on the theme ‘Climate change’. A local conference was held in March 2010 in each school (debates with experts, proposals of responsibilities and actions, poster proposals, election of the participants at the national conference).

A National conference was held on 9th April 2010 in the United Nations Information Centre in Prague, in the presence of delegates from each participating school. Students created a poster and the Czech Charter of responsibilities “Let´s take care of the Planet”.

3 delegates and a facilitator participated to the International Youth Conference ‘Let’s Take Care of the Planet’ in Brasilia, June 2010.

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