Posters from the 3rd European Youth Conference LTCP, MAY 2018, in Lisbon (EUROPE)

01 Let Earth Breath ok BAM web02 Food is fortaste ok BAM web03 A healthy planet begins at school ok BAM web

04 clean energy ok BAM web06 less meat web   05 Educate for change ok BAM web


Individual commitments from the 3rd European Youth Conference LTCP, May 2018 in Lisbon (EUROPE)

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 Posters from the 2nd European Youth Conference LTCP, May 2015, in Brussels (EUROPE)

 MP2015 compresseMP2015 2 compresseMP2015 3 compresseMP2015 4 compresse

MP2015 5 compresseMP2015 6 compresse


Posters from the Youth Interregional Conference LTCP, April 2014, in Lyon (FRANCE)

biodiversit compresseenergie compressesolidarit compressesant compresse

Posters from the 1st Youth European Conference LTCP, May 2012, in Brussels (BELGIUM)

tonight solidaritnature

Posters from the Youth National Conference LTCP, 2011, in Autrans (FRANCE)

 Eau t Electricite t Sensibiliser t Solidarite t

Posters translation:

  • Poster 1: Shopping/Throwing... I like it, I love it, I adore it... not anymore.
  • Poster 2: Water needs us as much as we need water (polluted water, radioactive rain)
  • Poster 3: Nurture your Earth, nurture your mind
  • Poster 4: Solidarity fuels humanity
  • Poster 5: Excessive electricity use is bad for the planet, your children, your future, health, your bills, and Claude François
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