The Twin schools project

The Let's Take Care of the Planet project encourages intercultural exchanges between young Europeans to enable young people to open up to the world, to make the link between the local and the global, and to bring the EDD projects intercultural dimension motivating for students.

While physical meetings, made possible by the organization of Local Conference, Regional, National or European, concern only a small number of participants, the distance exchanges enable young people, to return and stay in touch throughout the year. Institutions participating in the LTCP project can become partner in another European institution.

These "twinnings" mainly aim at developing linguistic and intercultural exchange between young people and encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experiences on education for sustainable development projects led by young people. This is also an opportunity for them to strengthen their understanding of all of the plurality and complexity of the world by comparing their local issues on a thematic and those of their twin schools.

Download here elements of method for twinning and a registration form for 2016 - 2017: english version or french version.


Twin Schools in 2015-2016

During this school year, two twin school projects were particularly active:

- the twin between Livry-Gargan's Lycée André Boulloche (France) and the Roskilde Gymnasium (Denmark)

- the twin between St Petersburg and Vilnius.

To read more about the methodology used and their exchanges click here


The Example of the Twin between Sweden and France

Louise Michel high School in Bobigny - Myrsjoskolan highschool in the suburbs of Stockholm

Three classes of students aged 15-16, at the Louise Michel high School in Bobigny, are mobilized on the project "Let's Take Care of the Planet" and on European exchanges. One is in charge of the creation and setting up of an educational garden; the second is conducting an investigation on biodiversity within the school and is implementing settlements in favour of this biodiversity; the third is a class with the optional subject 'media education'; this group made a presentation in English of the various places of their school to start the exchange with Myrsjoskolan highschool in the suburbs of Stockholm:

A presentation of the city of Bobigny and its history, and a Web documentary on the biodiversity in the school were made.


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